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Acqua Smeraldina is the premium bottled artesian water for highly health-conscious people. Acqua Smeraldina is pure artesian water from the beautiful island of Sardinia (Italy), where the lifestyle is healthier and people live longer: that’s why it is known as the island of centenarians. Acqua Smeraldina starts its journey in a pristine region at about 1,000 feet under the “Monte di Deu” (The Mountain of God), after being naturally filtered down through the ages by granite rocks typical to this area, far from any significant source of industrial pollution. But it is also the only premium bottled artesian water that springs – and it is not by chance – in one of the areas of the globe with the highest concentration of centenarians. Acqua Smeraldina is a water with excellent organoleptic properties and rich in precious mineral salts which give it a natural lightness. Acqua Smeraldina is a natural treasure and a unique product of enormous value.

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